Pet Portraits

Pets are such loving, unselfish companions and can mean so much to us.   I can provide an original, hand painted portrait of your beloved pet.  It’s a wonderful way to remember them always and makes a great gift as well.  My paintings are NOT digitally enhanced photos like you see in other pet portrait offers, they are true ORIGINAL , HAND PAINTED pieces of ART.


I love caring for my doggies,  but painting  is my biggest passion.  I have been an artist since I was three years old drawing on everything I could get my hands on.  Later I received professional Art training which helps me provide you with the highest quality portrait.    I have painted   pet portraits, people portrait  and other commissions for over 35 years on the side.  I am now expanding my business online.  You can view my  art website  at  where I also offer portraits of people.

I like to capture the “soul”  and personality of the animals instead of just the image.   I work from photos so it is very convenient for all.   This provides convenience for you since you can send me several pictures of your pet and we can pick the best one or combine parts of several to create the best possible final product. 

I work with acrylics on museum canvas (1.5″ wrap around) or canvas board if you prefer to frame your artwork.  On museum canvas I  paint around the sides so it does not need a frame.    The hard canvas makes it easier  for you to  frame.   All art is unframed so you can pick a frame that best fits your decor or you can leave it as is. 

You can give a gift certificate for the portrait and they can send me their favorite pictures.    I will email you a gift certificate you can use as the gift and they can email me the photos. More details in FAQ section below.



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Prices and information:

While not the cheapest,  I am dedicated to a quality painting that will bring you years of joy.   Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You pay half to start and don’t pay the other half until you are pleased with the picture and ready to have it shipped.   I require a 2 to 6 week lead to paint a pet portrait. It may be 2 weeks,  but it depends on how many others I’m working on at the time.  If it is a Christmas gift,  I do my best to have all those done in time.  Please call me to discuss details and scheduling.  I can be reached at 865-262-8422 or email me at PetPortraits

 Once Painting is started,  fees are non-refundable. but I  will work on it until you are happy with it.   I’ve never had an unhappy customer.

 To Order your Original, hand painted  Pet Portrait Now!  Call  865-262-8422 or

email me at PetPortraits

 These are the most common sizes although we can discuss other sizes according to your  needs.  If it says “head only” its because that small of a canvas will not allow enough room for detail on an entire dog body.


12 x 12 canvas…………………………………………………………………$325 (head only)
11 X 14 canvas………………………………………………………………….$375 (head only)
 16 X 20……………………………………………………………….$465 (head or whole body)
 20 X 24……………………………………………………………….$495 (head or whole body)

Each additional pet is 25% more and  2 or more pets are available only on a 16 X 20 canvas or larger.

Other sizes available by special request,  please call for a quote.



STANDARD SHIPPING is included in your price  but if you prefer Priority or Express shipping,  there is an up charge depending on the size of your art.

For now I only ship within the Continental US.  If your state requires tax on online purchases,  that will be added to your total. 



Please contact me  once we work out the details,  I will email a bill   for the half up front through a secure link to  Paypal.  You can use any credit card and you do not have to have a Paypal account to use it.   You can mail a check,  but that does hold up the work since I cannot start the portrait until the check clears – usually 5 days after deposit.  


HOW to send the pictures:

Email me your pet pictures HERE .  The clearer they are,  the better the picture will be.   Please provide files at least  800 x 600 pixels or more.   You can  scan photos at Walgreens or CVS, save on a USB drive or cd.  Copy the files to your computer and you can then email me the photos.  If you are not comfortable with  these details,  I can walk you through it.   You can send them snail mail,  but again,  that takes time. 

Email photos Pet Portraits Email


HOW TO select your picture. 

The best paintings come from the best pictures.  A picture taken outdoor with good light is best.  Flash picture usually give red eye and make it hard to see the eyes.  If the pet is  a small part of a bigger picture,  it will not contain enough detail to paint well.    I’m happy to go over your pictures and suggest which would make the best portrait. 

Picture taken outside are best as daylight gives lots of detail and shadows add interest to the picture.   Take your pictures  at the same level as the pet rather than standing over them for a better angle.   If you take the picture outside,  you can kneel down to the dogs level to get a level picture.

See the difference in these images. 

I its an indoor picture,  use a flash as it enhances the detail.   If you get red eye I can fix that with an extra picture that lets me see eye color.    If your pet is deceased,  we’ll try and work with what you have to make a good portrait.

You can email multiple photos to help me capture the animal better  or  if you need our expert advice on which one would make the best portrait.


Final Details:

I will email you a digital photograph of your portrait when completed for your approval before final balance payment and mailing.



Q.  Can you combine two pets into one picture?

A.  If the lighting is very similar and from the same direction,  that can be done. 

Q.  If I want to mail a check,  where do I mail it? 

A.  Write and mail to Carol King  PO BOX 1295  Kodak,  TN 37764



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