FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

“A good man is kind to his animals” is our motto. 

We want to help you in anyway we can.  Here are some questions that come up frequently and we hope it helps in your research and decision making.  Visit our “Articles” page for information on picking a breeder and what to watch out for. 

q. How are your puppies different from others?  How are they raised?

a.   I am a perfectionist by nature and determined to do the very best by our dogs and puppies.   Remember that how the puppy is raised the first few weeks before you get them is the most vital piece of information that you can have about your puppy.

* All our babies are bred for health, longevity, temperament and AKC guideline appearance.  We breed only from PUREbred AKC registered parents and are CHAMPION Sired by studs from the coveted, AWARD WINNING “Pan” line.  The quality of these bloodlines is obvious in each and every puppy we birth here at KingsKids Havanese.   They are absolutely OUTSTANDING!

*  Your puppy has also been carefully bred for the typical happy-go-lucky temperament and personality  that has made this breed so famous.   They are  raised in our home, spoiled, kept clean, groomed and trained until leaving our care.

*  Your puppy has been health checked by a Veterinarian before going home. A written health guarantee against genetic issues that would make your puppy less than companion quality.   We guarantee your new puppy will have no contagious disease at time of adoption and no health affecting genetic defects for 12  months from birth with optional 3 year if using NuVet vitamins.  They are current on vaccinations and de-wormings and have been checked over by our vet.

*  Both bloodlines, conformation, personality and how we raise them will make a HUGE difference in your   puppy’s  ability to bond to your family and be happy and healthy.  See below about bloodlines.

*  We now do Neurological Stimulation  with the puppies from days 3 to 18.   These brain exercises  are used by top trainers of service dogs,  therapy dogs and Seeing Eye Dogs.   The process enhances the  natural temperament and character  of the breed and also helps them adjust to  new situations quickly and without stress.   We have noticed a huge difference in the litters since we started doing this.  They were already great before just because of the wonderful Havanese nature, but now they begin socializing earlier,  they catch on to potty instructions faster and handle new situations better.  They also train easier, travel better  and we hardly ever see one that gets car sick anymore.

* At KingsKids  we feed the best possible diet to all our dogs- young and old.  That is a natural raw diet.   Its become so easy now with prepared raw diets frozen in  patties that there is no reason anymore not to feed raw.   It is easier to digest,  reduces stress on organs as your puppy grows, keeps their teeth healthy and if you continue with the raw diet , studies show you can add as much as 5 years to your puppy’s lifespan. 

*At KingsKids Havanese I’m present at every birth and help deliver all puppies, holding them and rubbing   them down immediately.  They are birthed in my front room and I sleep next to them for  several days caring for both Mom and babies.

The pups are held from the second day on and we touch, caress, breathe on them and let them feel our  heartbeat.   We also rock them slightly to get them used to motion and avoid car sickness later. Very rarely  will we have a puppy that gets sick in the car.

  *  The pups are well socialized from birth.  They are in the front room  with their Mom for the first 3 weeks.   When they are up  and walking well,  they get moved into the kitchen into a playpen until 6 weeks then they move into the den to a bigger playpen.    We play with them daily and they are around all the household activity.  This means they hear the dishwasher,  dishes dropping, sweeping, moping, TV sounds, etc.  Unlike our puppies, a pup raised in a  kennel has never heard all these things and can often be  very fearful when thrown in that environment.

We go out of our way and spend extra money and time to make sure you get well adjusted, happy and clean   puppies that are used to roaming and not living in a cage or crate with a screen under them.   By the time a     Havanese puppy  from KingsKids Havanese goes home with you they have received  several baths.  They’ve experienced hair dryers.  They’ve been groomed and had nails trimmed several   times and had ears cleaned.

*   We hold them every day and my boys just love playing with puppies, so they get well socialized!  They are   exposed to the older dogs also to learn and socialize well with others.  After weaning,  the moms can go back in with the puppies to teach them social skills that are invaluable for their later ability to relate to other dogs.

* We take advantage of a puppy’s natural instincts to avoid soiling  in their living area by providing a separate place for them to go as soon as they learn to walk.  They instinctively  crawl off their bed and  soil outside and crawl back so we put a puppy pad right next to the bed.  As they grow,  the pad gets  moved further and further away from the bed so  they learn that soiling is always done away from living space.    Most of my pups  are mostly house trained within the first couple of weeks after going to their new homes because of the  groundwork we lay.  Quite a few have been mostly trained in one day with only a few accidents when forgotten! You would not believe the difference from one of our pups and a puppy raised  with just newspaper under them or raised in pens on grates.  Those pups are much harder to house train since they are used to standing and walking in their own waste.   Remember a puppy will have the occasional accident when the adult may miss the cue,  or leave them too long,  but basic training for our pups has been very successful because of our groundwork.  CONSISTENCY is the key to potty training a puppy.  Havanese are eager to please so they learn quickly, but they are also very intelligent,  so if you give them mixed signals by doing different things they get confused and don’t know what to do.  How consistent you are determines how fast your puppy will train.

* They go on car rides and play with company and children.

* Our bloodlines will make a difference in the quality and health of your puppy.   Both our Champion Studs  are from the “Pan” line  and inherited Pan’s conformation and hair!  (Pan was the top dog in the country in 2001 and 2002 and a offspring of his has carried the title year after year!  Pan is retired now,   but has a long history of Top Toy honors!  His bloodlines are so coveted that he is  to date the TOP PRODUCING Stud dog in the history of the Havanese Breed!    Those characteristics were passed on to our little Tux and he looks a lot like Pan as well!     Our girls have champion bloodlines or Sires and Carman is an AKC Champion herself.  These  great bloodlines carry forth into your puppy   to help produce a great looking Havanese pup for you.   Health Testing gives you extra assurance as well that the parents are healthy and your puppy will be    healthy.  I’ve tapped into alternate but also award winning bloodlines for our females so that by varying the genetic pool, we produce a healthier puppy for you.

* Wonderful personalities are also considered for breeding at KingsKids Havanese.  Our dogs are sweet,    friendly, well adjusted adults and that pass on these traits to  their puppies.  They love people and run to greet   anyone that comes to our door with great delight!

* Rest assured that you are getting a great quality Havanese puppy when you find your new pup from   KingsKids Havanese.

q.  I just want a pet,  why should I worry about Bloodlines and Champions?

aMost folks think that bloodlines only matter for show dogs.   Even though most our buyers are adopting  puppies for their pets,   we are concerned with the quality of the dogs they are adopting.        In truth,  GENETICS play a HUGE part in the health of your puppy as well as the appearance and personality.   A Champion means that they have no defects and have been judged  to be the best in their circle.   It means  they have been bred purposely to avoid breed weaknesses and strengthen  the best traits enabling them to  win.   They are also bred  to train easily and behave well in a large crowd and around other dogs and adjust to stress well.   Champion titles mean   they are the best examples of the breed and therefore pass on the best GENES to their young.   This gives you a healthy, beautiful puppy!  At KingsKids Havanese we have taken the time to carefully select our Havanese parents  for the best appearance, bloodlines, personality and health history.  We do Health Testing   for the few  genetic weaknesses of the breed to insure the best health for your babies.     We also  are careful with our  parent diet  feeding them the highest grade holistic food  and Raw feeding as well and give them the best vitamins in the industry.  This ensures healthy, strong parents and therefore healthy, strong puppies!    

Since even health testing does not  guarantee against the rare occurrence of a genetic problem, we do provide you with a health guarantee for your peace of mind.   So,  bloodlines and history is definitely important and worth a little more to get it!    A well kept and well bred dog will live longer,  have better temperament,  less health issues and overall, make a better companion.

q.  Do you Health Test?

a.   Yes.  We test our adult dogs for  the few genetic weaknesses found in  the Havanese breed.  These being  Eyes (CERF) , Ears (BAER) and Patellas.   We register results with the Orthopedic Foundation of America.  As the puppies are too young to show symptoms yet,  we test the parents to be sure we are providing strong healthy genes for your puppy.    Going above and beyond, I also made sure to do a wet down on the legs of our breeding adults to check for  bowed/ miss-formed  legs (a symptom of Chondrodysplasia).   Even though this test is not yet  required, it is an easy  physical test that can show   if the dog would pass on  this terrible deformity.  It can be very expensive to treat down the road and very painful for the dogs  as they mature so we take the precaution of checking our parents.    Again going above and beyond,  we raw feed all our adults to insure optimum health.  We also give them the highest recommended vitamins, NuVet.   Beyond that, our mommies get Prenatal vitamins  during pregnancy  and nursing vitamins until the pups are weaned.   This insures the babies and the mommies stay in optimum health.

q.  Why do prices vary so much between breeders?

a.  At KingsKids Havanese we have spent much time and effort in hand picking our Havanese parents  of the best bloodlines and health to produce beautiful, healthy puppies.  While our puppies are not the cheapest,  they are not the most expensive either.  You will pay between $1800 and $3500 for a well bred companion Havanese puppy from a reputable breeder.  A show puppy is usually $500 more.  If you are finding them for less than that,  you must ask yourself why?!  Are they feeding the highest quality food?  Are their parents health tested?  Do the parents come from good bloodlines that give you a puppy that looks and acts like a Havanese is supposed to?  Do they raise dogs on the side and work another job or are they at home with the puppies so they get all the social interaction and care they need?   Is the puppy checked over by a vet before he goes home with you?  This and more is where the money goes to produce good puppies.  It cannot be done right cheaply.  

We run a bit higher than some since we do so much more than other breeders and that takes extra time and finances.  Our prices range from $2500  to $2800 depending on colors and markings.    When you shop, you know that the cheapest is not the best and often things purchased cheap will wear out and break and you have to replace it.  A poorly bred puppy may cost you less up-front  but will cost you dearly and  very quickly for health care, often mounting into the thousands .  The cost is not only financial but emotionally wearing and often devastating if they develop health issues or temperament issues.   We don’t want you to go through that so we spend money up front on our dogs so we can have the best quality and healthiest dogs that will produce a strong,  healthy puppy for you.

BONUS:  We started doing Neurological Stimulation on all of our puppies a few years ago.   We did it for a litter that had a puppy going to a therapy home and when I noticed how enhanced the natural Havanese traits were in that litter I decided to do it with all our litters.  That is  the same training given to newborn pups that are being trained to be Therapy, Seeing Eye and Police dogs.   It is time- consuming for us,  but well worth it and produces better, more well adjusted puppies that are easier to train,  travel better, handle stress better and are all around better dogs.

We guarantee your new puppy will have no contagious disease at time of adoption and no defects for 12 months from birth with an extended guarantee to 3 years of age if you use NuVet vitamins to maintain health.  Our puppies are current on vaccinations and de-wormings and have been checked over by our vet including a very careful stool sample check for any parasites.    We provide you with a lot more as well,   see “What do you provide with the puppy?” .  You can scroll down to see that.

 We also provide you with after the sale support.  You have my direct phone line as well as my personal email for any questions that may arise with your new puppy.  Many breeders are impossible to reach as soon as you take your puppy home.  I’m here for the long haul and happy to help any way I can.   If a family emergency should arise and  and you must part with your doggie later on,  we will even help you find a home for it.  

In conclusion;  we spend great deal of money and time both on our adults and with your little one to give them the best breeding,  most socialization and brightest head-start in life.  When you wrap all that together,  it cost quite a bit more to us and worth more to you.

q.  Why are your own puppies priced differently?

a.  While all our puppies are of best breeding and quality,  other factors affect pricing.  Certain markings or colors are rare in the breed or very popular and more flashy so are priced higher.  Girls are generally priced a little higher than boys.   Conformation  (how well the setting of ears, hair quality, size, etc. conform to AKC guidelines)    is something I consider when pricing as well.   While these things do not affect their role as a companion,  they affect how much like  a “champion” your puppy looks  even though he/she is  not competing in dog shows.   Some of our buyers want a pup that conforms to all the AKC guidelines for the breed even though they will be spayed/neutered and never be in a show ring.  Any pup from KingsKids Havanese  will make a wonderful companion.

q.  Are your dogs Registered and with which Club?

a.  All of our parents and puppies are registered with the AKC.  Our sires are DNA tested to meet  AKC requirements with rare exceptions are AKC Champions having won over dozens of dogs to show they have the right look, temperament and shape a Havanese is supposed to have.  Our bloodlines are  from the best in the country producing that unique “Havanese” look .    

q.  BOY OR GIRL??  Which do I get?

a.  Well,  with Havanese, it’s not like other breeds.  There is not a lot of difference between boys and girls.   Havanese are not territorial at all,  so you do not have to worry about that with the males like you would  in many other breeds.   That makes them as good a pet as a female of the breed.  

There are some differences I’ve observed over the years that seem to be confirmed by other breeders that I’ve spoken with:  Girls are often a little more “in charge” and independent  than the boys but don’t let that scare you.    Carmen is the alpha female with our dogs.  She is not a lap dog,  but she stays close in her bed or with her toys hoping to play fetch and if I get up to leave the room, she’s at my heals even if she was in deep sleep and heard me stir!  She is super friendly to anyone that comes to visit and is not territorial at all even though she is the leader.  Secondly,  I find the boys in this breed to be more affectionate and bond stronger than the females as a general rule.  Some girls will tend to be lap dogs,  though that seems to be more of a natural trait for a Havanese boy.  

q.  Are Havanese hypoallergenic?

a.  Allergies to a dog can be to one or more of these things:  Dander,  Saliva or Fur.   If you have a fur allergy:  Havanese   have real hair instead of   fur  and do NOT SHED. They are like people in that when you comb their hair a few may fall out,  but they do not shed and replace their coat.     If you are allergic to the dog   dander;    Havanese do have light dander   since they have skin.  Dogs with fur have a thick undercoat that  holds  in the pet dander, so people with allergies tend to have more difficulty.  Since Havanese have real hair it produces much less dander and does not tend to lock it in.   We recommend if you have mild allergies to make sure and bathe your dog on a regular schedule.  You can use a dampened paper towel or Dander wipes to wipe through the hair every morning to remove any loose dander as well.    If you are allergic to the dog saliva,  you can teach your puppy not to lick – give kisses and wash after handling their toys.    We do have many  customers that had mild dog allergies and purchased puppies from us with no issues at all or with taking these precautions.   If you have severe allergies,  that would be a different situation that you should discuss with your Doctor.

q.  What is the Personality of the Havanese?    

a. Well bred Havanese  dogs have a natural good nature and get along with anyone.  They are not “one person” dogs as so many other breeds.  They are very social and love to visit.  We have bred the best characteristic of the breed in our dogs.  They have energy to run and play when it’s time for exercise,  but when you pick them up,  they melt in your arms and love to just be held. They will lay at your feet or next to you on the couch or on your lap for hours quite content unlike many other small dogs that have too much energy.

q.  Do I have to brush them all the time?

a.  Only if you allow it to get long.  A Havanese kept in a Puppy cut ( that is about 2-3 inches of length)  will be fine with a run through once a week to look for any hair matting.  If it’s longer,  it requires more time.  YOU MUST COMMIT  to keeping your dog trimmed for a lifetime.  Their hair grows constantly like yours does and they need regular haircuts or will begin to mat.   It is neglectful to allow a dog to be matted as it can cause not only discomfort but infections in the skin.  Part of our contract requires regular grooming.  I  brush mine that are in full show coat daily and right before baths quite thoroughly.  Brushing your dog is a great bonding experience and it’s very enjoyable to sit down with them  and brush their hair out.  We do it while watching some TV at night.

q.  Are there other grooming issues with the Havanese?

a.  YES.  Havanese have floppy ears that are given to hold in moisture.  Some have light hair in the ears and some thick.  The hair in their ears needs to be plucked monthly to help keep the ears dry.  This can be done by your groomer or you can learn to do it easily yourself in a minute or two.  We will pluck their ear hair before they go home and it’s really quite easy.  Most puppies don’t seem aware of  any discomfort.  You must keep their ears clean as the floppy ears hold in the moisture and can allow the ear wax to get yeasty.  If left untreated, the yeast can turn into an ear infection pretty quickly.   I do ear rinses when we do baths and put a drop of ear cleaner in afterwards to ward off any yeast.  DIET makes a huge difference in ear health.  Kibble diets tend to increase ear yeast because of high carbohydrates that feed the yeast.   The raw diet reduces yeast and we highly recommend feeding a raw diet for your puppy’s health.

q.  How do I  hold a puppy and what is your deposit?

a.  We require  a minimum 1st payment of $500 (deposit) to hold a puppy/dog. That is non-refundable deposit but it is transferable to any other available puppy or future litter.      The reason for not refunding deposits is that most puppies are sold before they are old enough to go home.  If someone backs out,  we have passed up on other buyers and  they buy puppies somewhere else  while we held that puppy.   Since the puppy then  stays longer,  there are more expenses  and extra advertising.   Non-refundable deposit is standard with any reputable breeder for that reason.  By placing a deposit you are agreeing to this policy.

2nd payment:  When the puppy is 1 month of age and everyone has picked their puppies,  a second payment bringing the total deposit to 1/2 of the  price of your puppy is due.   The final balance is due when you pick up your puppy. 

q.  What food do you recommend for the puppy?

a.    All our dogs and puppies are fed a raw  diet.  All the studies show this is the best and most natural way to feed a dog.   Think about it.  How often to you see your dog go chew on an ear of corn, or beans, or wheat or berries?  What do they look for?  Meat!   While dogs have adapted to the diets their masters have given them over the years,  it has come at a high cost in health costs,  rotten teeth, dull coats, unhealthy skin and the list goes on.   After much research we switched to raw 5 years ago and we noticed an instant change.  Mind you we were changing over from  Premium holistic foods like Solid Gold and Blue Buffalo and even still there was an improvement.  See more about this on the raw feeding page.   We recommend Answers Dog Food  http://answerspetfood.com/search.aspx   or Primal Frozen patties complete http://www.primalpetfoods.com/stores.html   .  Primal is easier to find    local pet food stores although the big names don’t carry   frozen foods as they are not equipped with freezers.  Your local pet store is a best bet for frozen foods.   They are easy to feed and easy to measure since they come in patties.    For traveling convenience,  you can get freeze dried food also carried by Primal.  You do lose some nutrients in this  so I would only do it while traveling.  Since your puppy has been on a raw diet,  you cannot take them home and just switch to a dry kibble.  You MUST switch them over SLOWLY  over two weeks.   A puppy’s digestive tract is very sensitive to change and  must be protected or you can wind up having to give special foods from the vet if you irritate it by changing diets quickly.   A raw diet is very easy to digest and very light on the puppy.   A kibble diet is dry and requires an enormous amount of energy to digest as well as different enzymes that are lacking in most dry dog foods.  The puppy’s digestive system has to learn what to produce in order to handle the different food.  Mix a few pieces of kibble for a couple days,  then a few more pieces for a couple days increasing as you decrease the raw until you have replaced it.  Take 2 weeks to make this change.  We always recommend moistening kibble before feeding.   If you feed it dry,  new studies show the stomach pulls moisture from all the surrounding organs in an effort to moisten the dog food enough to digest it.  This is hard on those organs.   Moisten it first and you eliminate this strain on your dog.   If you choose to use kibble,  please use a holistic food that does not have by products, wheat, corn or fillers.  We recommend Orijen puppy formula or Blue Buffalo Smal breed puppy  in the pink bag.  You can see ratings and information at http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com     Again,   i strongly recommend you keep your puppy on a raw diet for his own well-being and long life.


q.  Do you deliver?

a.      I meet up to 3 hours away for $120 dollars to cover gas and time.   If it’s farther away, then there is a $180 dollar charge up to 5 hours.  I want to place my precious bundles in their loving owners arms either at my home or by meeting.   The other option is to fly into Knoxville and pick up your puppy and fly home with them.  Dogs are allowed under your seat now in a special airline soft crate.   I can meet at the airport or we have many hotels within 5 miles of our home that you can stay at and pick up the pup the next day if you want to come to the house and meet the parents.

 If you fly in to pick up the pup,   the crate specifications are unique by airline,  so you will have to provide your own airline crate,  but there is no charge from me for delivery to Knoxville airport.     All travel delivery charges – if applicable- must be paid upfront before delivery. 

q.  Are your dogs registered and will my puppy be registered?

a.  yes.  All our dogs are AKC (American Kennel Club) registered.   You are provided with the parents AKC numbers on your puppy contract.   All our puppies get registered as a litter.  The papers go to the new owner as soon as proof of spay/neuter is provided to KingsKids Havanese.  The only exception is if it is an open registration (which requires an application) or an adult.   Holding the papers until the pup is altered  is how reputable breeders protect our little babies from winding up in puppy mills.  Its a sad fact that these horrible places exist,   but they do.     Breeders have developed this method to insure their safety.   As soon as you send proof of spay/neuter,  you receive the papers digitally and can even register  your puppy online in a matter of minutes on the AKC website by using the information on the papers.

q. Can Havanese live in the yard if it’s fenced?

a.  Absolutely not.  Havanese are a very social breed.  They need to be indoors with the family interacting with daily life.  They are not at all an outdoor breed unless they are with their family playing or doing their “business” or   going for walks.   They do well with doggie doors if you have a fence.   We have one off the den and they run out and in as needed but we find that they mostly want to be inside.      Our dogs live in our home with us and that is how we expect our puppies to live when they leave here. 

q.  Do you sell on a Show/open contract? 

a. Even though most of  my pups go to companion homes,   I have often excellent candidates for the show ring.  With our amazing  AKC Champion studs , that is more true than ever.     An application will be required for full registrations.    Full/show registration is $500 additional.   If it is a female,  I will retain co-ownership until the dog has  at least 10 points toward her championship.  Males are not to be bred until they have at least 10 points toward their championship.

It is a lot of fun to show a dog although it is quite expensive.  My son, Joseph,   won   ribbons  with our Carman  and he thoroughly enjoyed it!   Carman had a blast as well!    Since then she has finished her championship and is now a retired mommy.  She took best of winners twice winning over the #5 dog in the country!   We are very proud of our Carman.

q.  What do you provide with the puppy?

a. Our puppies come with a generous package that includes even their baby pictures  for you to scrapbook!  See below:

puppy packet  What you get with a KingsKids Havanese puppy:

Besides all the great benefits of being raised right,  we offer a puppy packet with every puppy. 

1.  A binder with a 36 page manual to help you get started with your puppy.  It contains everything from what to buy, how often to groom, what to feed,  how to potty train and more.

2.  A Travel crate for taking the puppy home and getting to the vet, puppy classes, etc.   (If you are flying in,  you must provide the travel crate since different airlines require different sizes)

3.  6 day supply of NuVet vitamins to get your puppy started until your order arrives.  Literature on the vitamins so you are informed about how they can boost your puppy’s health. 

4.  Shot records  contain all the shots, worming and birth/ marking information for your veterinarian. 

5.  A toy or blankie with the scent of mom and siblings to comfort your puppy the first few days until they bond with you.  (not pictured)

 6.  AKC limited registration  (limited means the puppy must be spayed/ neutered and cannot be bred)  (on occasion we do let a amazing puppy go to a show home)

7.  A binder FULL of INFORMATION including vet records, shot records and articles to help you give your new baby the best possible transition  into your home. This includes housebreaking, training tips, grooming, bathing, product recommendations, history of the breed and much more.      We also offer a wealth of research that offers the opportunity to EXTEND your puppies lifespan years  LONGER than the Havanese average of  15-16 year span.   

8.  Ongoing support is offered both by email and phone as needed.   

9.   We offer FREE  micro chip  for security.  The chip must be registered with a registry.   We offer our breeder discount for the  microchip program.  Lifetime registration is only  $69.00 compared to minimum $119 with other services.  The  DOGSTAR package which  includes a Training DVD featuring housebreaking, nipping, chewing, puppy obedience and much more.  Included also is LIFETIME Microchip registration, Dog training and Behavior HELPLINE, online Training Videos , “Amber Alert” service and  24/7 emergency helpline.   You will pay over $50 to your vet just for the microchip and then have to pay a microchip company for the registry service.

10.  We  begin house training  preparedness early  by giving them a different place to go as soon as they start walking.  This instinct to not go in their living area is natural and we capitalize on that so it’s much easier for our buyers to train their new babies.  As their immunity develops if the weather permits, we take them out in the grass  for them to   be familiar with  using the potty outside.   They are trained on puppy pads  when inside in case of an accident,  they will go over to the pad rather than just go anywhere.  This makes them   much easier to train than a puppy from other breeders.

11.  A Legal Contract to protect both you and your puppy.   A copy of our contract can be viewed in the FAQ page of this site.    We reserve the right to hold puppies for show evaluation.    A show contract may be available for qualifying puppies and AKC show families for an extra fee. 

13.  I prefer to meet our new families in person at home,  but I do offer to meet partway by car or meet you at the Knoxville airport if you want to pick up your puppy and fly them home with you.       (see “do you deliver”) FAQ for more details

14.  EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS! You get your puppy BABY PICTURES!  You will get digital delivery of pictures from birth to the most recent portrait before going to their new homes!   Usually if you’ve had your baby on deposit,  you will have them all by the time you pick up your puppy as I always send pictures and videos while you wait!

q. Do you use vitamins?

a.  YES! We do use the best vitamins for dogs available.  They are called NuVet.  Here is some information and a link to where to get them.  I recommend all my new puppy families pre-order these so they have them when puppy comes home.   If you get the auto ship, they don’t  cost anymore than buying healthy treats so it’s well worth it.  We give one to our dogs at bedtime and they love them.

More than 250,000 dogs and cats are using NuVet to protect against most ailments (from back yard pesticides, pet food allergies and hormones, toxic formaldehyde in furniture and carpeting, ailments transmitted from dog parks and the vet’s office, etc), while maintaining a beautiful skin and coat.

 This is not just a vitamin.  It’s an immune system builder with a precise balance of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids and high-potency antioxidants.  That’s why it works so well through all three stages of a dog’s life.

For younger dogs (under 2 years old), it strengthens their immune system, while building and strengthening the cardiovascular, skeletal and nerve systems.

For dogs in their prime (ages 2-8), it improves the luster of their skin and coat while protecting against allergies, skin and coat problems, staining from tears, digestive problems, etc.

For older dogs (over 8 years old), it helps reduce and eliminate arthritis, tumors, premature aging, cataracts, heart conditions, diabetes and many types of cancer, while extending the life and improving the vitality of most dogs.

NuVet Plus will keep your pet on the path to perfect health!  It’s not available in stores, and is only available to the general public with an order code from an authorized pet professional.

For your convenience, you may order directly from the manufacturer (at up to 50% off what most veterinarians charge) by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 12662, or ordering online at www.nuvet.com/12662.  By using auto ship you can save an additional 15%. 

q. What Payment methods do you take?

a.  PAYMENTS:    Checks are only accepted as long it is received at KingsKids Havanese at least one month before the pup can go home to allow for any delays in clearing.  As we approach the puppy’s going home date,  we no longer take personal checks or bank checks. 

2nd payment and Final payments:  

1.  CASH.  if you are picking a pup up, we always like cash.      

2.   POST OFFICE Money orders (not bank or others) are a great option if you don’t like carrying cash.     

3.   In person Credit Card (processing fee of 3%). We have a phone device  that allows us to take credit cards in person.   

4. PayPal  or Credit card (processing fee of 3%).    PayPal online or Credit cards can be used for both deposits and final payments .  It does not require an account. If you do a person to person transfer from your balance,  they do not charge a fee.   I can send an email request and you can pay without having to open an account with them.     I have a device for my phone for swiping in person when you pick up your puppy.  

If  we are traveling to meet each other  either at the airport or another location,  payment by  credit must be made before we travel to meet.  ( The early payment for PayPal  or Credit is because we have experienced  on occasion   that an account that normally only makes small purchases  and tries to make a large one will trigger a system safety feature that flags it as possible  fraud and refuses the payment.  Other circumstances can interfere with a smooth payment on occasion as well.  It takes  some time  to work those issues out and trying to do that at some restaurant we met at  out of town or at an airport is very stressful for all concerned.   The pups are sensitive to stress and we don’t want to do that to them on the day they go home.    If you pick up your pup from my home,  we can swipe  and have the freedom to take care of any issues if they arise in a much more relaxed environment.

NOTE on FINAL PAYMENTS:    We do NOT take checks, Cashiers or Certified checks at the time you  pick  up a puppy  since our bank will hold them for minimum of  5 business days and I would not be able to let the puppy go home until payment clears.   I know your bank tells you that Certified checks are  the same as cash  but that is only true within your own bank brand.   Due to technology of modern printers,   banks have now began to hold all  checks until cleared.  Only the same brand name as mine would have the freedom to do an internal check and verify that it is good.  For this reason, we won;t accept any form of checks for final payment.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


Copy of our Puppy Contract


__________ is being purchased as a  xx__ Companion with no rights for breeding.

DOB of animal__________  Sex   __ ___  Color   ________________________________  

Sire:  _______________________  American Kennel Club registration #:___________

Dam:  _____________________     American Kennel Club registration #:_  ___________

This contract is proof of ownership only and shall not be used for, nor constructed to be an application for registration of that animal with AKC.   AKC Paperwork is supplied by Breeder after spay/neuter proof is provided.


The parties entering into this contract agree to the following:


PURCHASER agrees to have the PUPPY examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours (not including Sundays or holidays) from the time that you or your agent receives the PUPPY. If the veterinarian finds a health condition or defect that would make the PUPPY unsuitable for a pet, the PUPPY and a written statement from your veterinarian (stating the problem) must be returned to the BREEDER immediately. PURCHASER can elect to keep the PUPPY, assuming all costs for its care or you may choose to return the puppy for another PUPPY of equal quality. BREEDER must receive a written statement from your veterinarian regarding the PUPPY’S health before any of the above provisions can take place. BREEDER reserves the right to have a second opinion from a veterinarian of her choice to check the PUPPY’S condition before replacing the PUPPY. These provisions will expire 48 hours (not including Sundays or holidays) after PURCHASER or agent takes possession of the PUPPY. Should you not take your PUPPY for its examination, you will assume full responsibility for its health.

  • Under no circumstances will this dog be sold, leased or given away, to any pet shop, research laboratory, humane society or similar facility.  If a life circumstance requires you give up your puppy,  we will help find a new home for it.  There are no refunds at any time.
  • Purchaser agrees to spay/neuter their Havanese before it is old enough to breed.  Please send evidence of spay completed within the next 8  months (Female) or 12 months (male) to  Carol King  PO BOX 1295 Kodak, Tn 37764
  • Your puppy has been fed with a high quality raw diet since their first meal (see raw feeding insert).  We highly recommend raw feeding as it is so simple to do now with frozen patties.    We recommend using these or another  high quality natural food to avoid future health problems with your puppy.  Just like with people, a good diet can help your puppy avoid health problems down the road. Please avoid dog foods with preservatives, by-products, corn, wheat and fillers.    Our recommended vitamin supplement is NuVet.  More information below on this.  [1]
  • If  clear evidence should ever be found that this dog is abused, neglected or mistreated, the purchaser will surrender it to the seller, unconditionally and with no intention of any refund.

I have read and agree to terms on this page ____________________________________

  • Buyer agrees to provide the puppy with a clean, pleasant environment, conducive to good health and with adequate space for exercise.  While we approve using a crate for bedtime and for housetraining, this dog is never to be left to live in a crate or cage. Buyer agrees this puppy is never to become an “outdoor” dog- living outside.
  • Buyer agree to provide REGULAR GROOMING for your puppy.  Havanese hair grows constantly like a humans and must be kept combed or trimmed short to avoid matting the coat.  Matting is not only painful to your puppy,  but left untreated, the skin can become inflamed and irritated inviting mites, ulcers, infection and even necrosis.  A severely matted coat would be seen as evidence of neglect  requiring the purchaser to surrender the puppy to the seller, unconditionally and with no intention of any refund
  • Buyer has been made aware that letting a puppy/dog roam outside in an unfenced area without the owner or keeper will invite disease, fleas and danger from cars and aggressive dogs.   While your Havanese is not a “run away” breed and usually loves to come to you when you call, we recommend using a leash or fenced area to walk your dog for their own safety.
  • For your puppy’s safety,  KingsKids Havanese  will provide your AKC registrations papers as soon as proof of spay/neuter is received from your vet.  EMail to Carol King  [email protected]
  • Seller will provide shot records and worming records for your veterinarian.
  • Seller guarantees your puppy to be in good health and that they have been checked by KingsKids Havanese Veterinarian  Butler Animal Clinic   7545 Oak Ridge Hwy, Knoxville, TN 37931.


It is your first responsibility to take  your puppy to your vet to verify its health within 72 hrs of receiving your puppy.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide  good quality dog food and clean water and immediate vet care to any puppy showing signs of illness or distress, and failure to do so will render any guarantee null and void.

BREEDER guarantees the PUPPY against any inheritable/genetic life threatening defects for one year from date of birth with optional extended guarantee if using NuVet.  BREEDER shall not be responsible for factors beyond their control including but not limited to the following: accidental death, sickness, poisoning, negligence, cruelty, return expenses, accidental injury, parasites, exposure to disease carrying animals, stress as a result of diet or environment, retained baby teeth, off bites, veterinary bills (emergency or otherwise), behavior problems – as training philosophies and environment vary among  individuals- or any other expenses.  Cosmetic issues such as  the very rare cherry eye are not covered in the warranty since they are often caused by injury.  If the PUPPY develops any life threatening inheritable/genetic defect within twelve  months from the date of birth, (36 months if on NuVet) PURCHASER may return the PUPPY to BREEDER for a replacement PUPPY of same sex and equal quality, selected by the BREEDER, if and when the BREEDER has the next litter of puppies. BREEDER reserves the right to have a second opinion from a veterinarian of her choice to check the PUPPY’S condition before the warranty is honored.  Should  PUPPY expire within a twelve month period from any health condition resulting from genetic deficiency and unrelated to PURCHASER’S negligence or failure to produce proof of vaccination (Parvovirus, Distemper, Coronavirus, Parainfluenza, Adenovirus[1]…..3 total shots  3-4 weeks apart – including 1st shot given by BREEDER) (Rabies between 4-6 months of age) and anti-parasitic treatment per the recommended schedule,   PURCHASER must provide proof, in writing of the PUPPY’S cause of death.  BREEDER  may, at their expense, obtain an autopsy of the PUPPY to verify cause of death if there is any question.

I have read and agree to terms on this page ____________________________________

Health Guarentee is Void if puppy is refused medical treatment recommended by a licensed veterinarian when ill.   

*Due to the varying kinds of dog food on the market and the different environmental conditions the dogs can come in contact with, we strongly recommend using NuVet Plus daily at the manufacturer’s suggested dosage for the guarantee period and hopefully thru their life.  This is a very small expense of a few cents a day to guarantee the health and immune system of your puppy.   Order at  www.nuvet.com/12662  or 800-474-7044 order code 12662.  (Using auto-ship will save you 15%.)  These cost about the same as buying good healthy treats and much better for them!  Our dogs get theirs at bedtime as a treat!

Additional 2 year guarantee:    We offer the option to extend your health guarantee to 3 years of age.    BREEDER offers an additional 2 year health guarantee which  requires that your KingsKids Havanese  PUPPY be kept on   “NuVet Plus Canine.”   This Nutritional Supplement is only available through BREEDER recommendation. PURCHASER agrees to keep their new PUPPY on NuVet Vitamins. Failure to do so will nullify any extended  guarantee.  Purchase of this supplement must be completed  within 7 days of possession of PUPPY.   Order at  www.nuvet.com/12662  or 800-474-7044 order code 12662.    This vitamin is less expensive than dog treats and they love them as a bedtime treat.

This contract is legal and binding to all parties involved by signing you agree to all its terms.

Health guarantee  applies only to the buyer and seller in this original transaction and is

not transferable to other parties.


AKC Registration will be   XX  limited (companion dog and the animal will be spayed/neutered)

Registration forms will be provided as soon as proof of spay/neuter is provided by your vet. (a copy of the invoice from the vet will suffice. It must have vet contact information on it and identifying information on the puppy).  Please send those to the address below  and your registration forms will be mailed within 15 days.

SIGNATURE valid for all pages. This contract is proof of ownership only and shall not be used for, nor constructed to be an application for registration of that animal with AKC.



Phone __________________   Email    ___________________________


Price:  ________  Deposit   __________  microchip  ____ Delivery ___    CC fee: _____ Balance due:  ______________

Paid in full $__________  Date__________


Signature of Buyer   ________________________________Date _______________

Signature of Seller ________________________________Date _______________

Breeder   Carol King — KingsKids Havanese  PO Box 1295 Kodak TN  37764  865 262-8422   [email protected]



[1] I have read and agree to terms on this page ____________________________________

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